L'ostéopathie pour les sportifs :

The osteopath can be an important ally in the optimisation of sports performance, as much as in an amateur level as at a high-level.

Osteo sportif

The osteopath can help athletes to:

    - Optimise sport movements, and performance
    - Prepare for the sport season, or a specific competition
    - Recover after stenuous excercise
    - Prevent injuries (tendinitis, groin strains…)
    - Treat trauma (sprains, muscular accidents, follow-up on fractures…)

Athletes are very demanding on their bodies, and they need it to be in its best shape possible. The osteopath, thanks to various precise and specific techniques, is capable of preserving or restoring the overall balance in the body in order to give the athlete their optimal physical capacity.

After a trauma, it’s important for the athlete to return to normal training as fast as possible. This is why an adapted rehabilitation is essential.

In synergy with the other medical professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists…), the osteopath will be able to bring back harmony to the wounded structures and promote the healing process in the best conditions possible. This will allow a prompt return to training.