Osteopathy for Infants:

Every birth, whether natural, manipulated (forceps, suction) or by caesarean section, spontaneous or provoked, is a challenge for your infant.

Osteo nourrisson

Delivery is a mandatory rite of passage and no matter how this happens, it is a complex procedure that can lead to many disorders that your osteopath can treat:

    - Cranial deformations (plagiocephaly)
    - Congenital torticollis of the infant (stiff neck)
    - Congenital torticollis of the infant (stiff neck)
    - Sleeping disorders, hypertonicity
    - ENT disorders (obstructed lachrymal canal…)

Even if your baby doesn’t present any symptoms, it would be ideal to perform a check-up to prevent any possible future imbalances. It is advised to get your baby a general check-up at every major part of his/her development (flat on his belly, walking on all fours, walking…)

After your medical history has been taken, where you’ll be invited to talk about your pregnancy and the delivery, the osteopath will determine, by soft and adapted tests, the blockages that your baby might present.

The osteopath will then give back all the mobility to your child using specific pain-free techniques. These will stimulate his/her own self-healing mechanisms and regain a good balance.

Contrary to preconceived ideas, it is not necessary to wait a few weeks before consulting. In fact, the earlier your child receives osteopathic treatment, the more efficient the treatment will be. Nevertheless, there is no rush; come for a consultation once you have found your bearings!

Please don’t forget to bring the child’s health record.