Osteopathy for Sport:

Osteopathy is a therapy which is particularly beneficial to children and adolescents. The thumb in the mouth, the weight of the backpack, bad posture at school, the stress of exams, orthodontic braces or general falls suffered by children can affect their overall balance in the long-term.

Osteo enfant

Your child can manifest different disorders:

    - Altered sleep and diminished concentration
    - Irritability, anger or hyperactivity
    - Difficult digestion, constipation
    - Postural disorders, curvature of the spine
    - ENT pathologies (ear infections, laryngitis, sinusitis…)

We usually advise parents to bring their children at the principal stages of their development (walking on all fours, walking…), but also after any fall, however small it may be, wich has brought change to the child’s behaviour.

Osteo enfant

It’s also beneficial to bring in those children who are sportively active. They are particularly exposed to various kinds of trauma and to bigger mechanical constraints which are a result of their specific sport.

In any case, listen to your child; any repeated complaint has to be taken seriously.

The osteopath will take the child’s age into consideration and will choose the right techniques according to their morphology and their development stage. The treatment will always be pain-free.