Osteopathy for Adults :

OsteO adulte

Adults are exposed to many stresses during their lifetime, which can occur during professional, family or sporting activities. These can cause imbalances which often lead to painful complaints.

Most of our patients consult for vertebral pains and discomfort, whether these are cervical, dorsal or lumbar. These pains can have different causes: traumatic (accident, awkward movement…), postural (working position, scoliosis, flat feet…), degenerative (osteoarthritis, disc disease, rheumatoid disease…), way of life (nutrition, stress, ergonomics…) or even functional.

In fact, the osteopath considers that any particular pain is the result of a more or less complex chain of adaptations. Thanks to different tests, his/her goal is to identify the origin of these dysfunctions.

For instance, pain in the lumbar spine may be due to a mobility restriction of the colon or even a spasm of the ilio-psoas muscle. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you consult us about your back and your osteopath uses corrective techniques on your viscera or your lower limbs.

Osteopathy has a very large field of action; it doesn’t limit itself to back pains. You can consult about:

    - Headaches of mechanical origin (cervical or infraoccipital muscles tension, whiplash…) or visceral origin (liver congestion…)
    - Functional disorders of the digestive system (constipation, gastroesophageal reflux, functional colonopathy…)
    - Stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders
    - Any other particular pains, like ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists or even for a follow-up after sprains, strains, muscle tears, tendinitis, tennis elbow…