Osteopathic Practice Grisier & Menghetti

Whether it’s for prevention or for a specific purpose (lumbago, stiff neck, sprain, digestive disorders, headaches, stress…), your osteopaths, Fanny Grisier and Sophie Menghetti, welcome you to their practice, OstéOptimum, in the heart of Les Acacias

We practice the full array of osteopathic techniques: musculo-skeletal, tissular, visceral, craniosacral. Your osteopath will choose the best technique according to your reason for consultation, your pain level and morphology.

Consultations take place on appointment only at 54 Route des Acacias, 1227 Carouge. For further questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, Monday to Friday from 8am - 7pm on: 022 300 67 09.