Osteopathic Practice Grisier & Menghetti

Your OstéoOptimum osteopathy practice is located 10 minutes away from the centre of the city, at 54 route des Acacias (access via route des Noirettes). It is recognised by RME (Registre des Médecines Empiriques) and FSO (Fédération Suisse des Ostéophathes) and acknowledged and reimbursed by complementary insurances.

Your osteopaths :

Ostéophate fanny
    Grisier Fanny:
    Graduate of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, London (BCOM).

Ostéophate fanny
    Menghetti Sophie :
    Graduate of the Superior Institute of Osteopathy of Lyon-Limonest (ISOSTEO).

Ostéophate yoann
    Duret Yoann :
    Graduate of the European Center of Higher Education in Osteopathy, Lyon (CEESO).

All three osteopaths have undergone a full-time academic degree course and each possesses a Master’s degree in osteopathy.

We consult in both French and English.